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HIV.gov’s Guide to Planning Awareness Day Activities | HIV.gov

HIV.gov’s Guide to Planning Awareness Day Activities | HIV.gov

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Awareness Day Planning? We’re Here to Help!

Access HIV.gov’s latest digital resource – a guide for successful awareness day events and outreach!

Awareness day events can require a significant amount of effort, such as staff time, but can offer a considerable payoff for your organization, reaching a wider audience with your messaging, and establishing a stronger brand identity. How can you successfully plan, implement, and evaluate awareness day events, activities, and outreach? Our new guide is here to help!

Has your organization ever faced any of the following questions before an awareness day?
  • When should you host an event vs. support another organization’s event?
  • What does success look like for your campaign?
  • What resources do you have to help achieve success? 
Our guide answers these questions and more, walking you through the awareness day process from planning and goal-setting to execution and evaluation.

Planning Phase: Ideas to consider and partnerships to leverage leading up to your event; these are crucial to ensuring success. Who else is engaged with this awareness day and how can you work together?

Implementation Phase: Tools and outreach strategies to make a big splash on the day of your event. What resources already exist that can help create successful communication? We’ve curated some here!

Assessment Phase:  Considerations and activities to help evaluate the impact of your awareness day events and what this means for future events and campaigns. For your next event, what can go better and how can you apply lessons learned?

This new HIV.gov guide is your one-stop-shop for successful awareness day events and outreach and is available now in the Events section of our website. You’ll find it linked on each of our Awareness Days pages.

Do you have follow-up questions? For more personalized help with awareness day planning– or any of your social media outreach needs – make an appointment for HIV.gov’s Virtual Office Hours.

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