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Cancer Information Highlights, May 9, 2018

Cancer Information Highlights, May 9, 2018

National Cancer Institute

Cancer Information Highlights
From the National Cancer Institute
Updating you about cancer causes, prevention, screening, treatment, coping, and more
New from NCI
How Imatinib Transformed Leukemia Treatment and Cancer Research
artistic rendering of DNA strands Learn about the NCI-supported discoveries that led to the development of imatinib (Gleevec). These discoveries helped establish a new group of drugs known as targeted therapy that has changed the treatment of cancer.
Video—Introduction to Adolescent and Young Adult Cancers
AYA Video Screen Shot This video covers basic facts about cancer in adolescents and young adults and discusses the unique challenges these patients face. 
Study Shows Experimental Screening Test Can Detect Endometrial and Ovarian Cancers

Scientists have struggled to come up with a simple test to detect endometrial and ovarian cancers early, when they are most likely to respond to treatment. Can a liquid biopsy test called PapSEEK change that?
Immunotherapy Drugs Expand Treatment Options for Advanced Lung Cancer
Immune checkpoint inhibitor monoclonal antibodies (Ab) that block PD-1 proteins target immune cells in the lymph nodes and immune and cancer cells in tumors. Results from a large clinical trial testing a combination of the immunotherapy pembrolizumab (Keytruda) and chemotherapy in patients newly diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer may change clinical practice.
Does Muscle Mass Affect Cancer Survival?

Read about a recent study in which researchers measured muscle mass in women with breast cancer and tracked its connection to survival.
New Option for Women with Recurrent Ovarian Cancer

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved a new PARP inhibitor for women with ovarian cancer who meet certain criteria. Learn about PARP inhibitors and why they are helpful in treating this disease.
PDQ Summary Updates
Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Treatment 

We’ve revised our PDQ summary on non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) with updates to the tests used to diagnose and stage the disease and to the treatments used for different stages.
Drug Information Updates
Ipilimumab Approved for Kidney Cancer

We’ve updated our drug information summary with a recent FDA approval. Ipilimumab (Yervoy) is now approved to be used with nivolumab to treat renal cell carcinoma, which is a type of kidney cancer.
Nivolumab Combination in Kidney Cancer

Our updated drug information summary on nivolumab (Opdivo) includes the FDA’s recent approval of the drug for use with ipilimumab as a first-line therapy for renal cell carcinoma.
Osimertinib Use in Lung Cancer

We’ve updated our drug information summary to include FDA’s expanded approval for osimertinib (Tagrisso) in NSCLC. The drug is now approved as a first-line treatment in certain patients with metastatic NSCLC.
Tocilizumab for Cytokine Release Syndrome

We've added a new drug summary for tocilizumab (Actemra), which was approved by FDA to treat cytokine release syndrome (CRS) caused by CAR T-cell therapy. CRS is a severe side effect that can occur with some types of immunotherapy.
Also of Interest
Common Moles, Dysplastic Nevi, and Risk of Melanoma

Learn about moles and how some moles may be related to melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer. Photos allow you to compare the differences between moles and cancer.
Angiogenesis Inhibitors

This page explains the process of angiogenesis and why it is important in the growth of cancer. Learn how improved understanding of this process is leading to new cancer treatments.
Bladder Cancer

During Bladder Cancer Awareness Month, visit our page that explains what bladder cancer is, the types of bladder cancer, who is at risk, treatment options, and recent research findings.
Cancer Information Highlights, May 9, 2018

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