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Athlete's Foot | Tinea Pedis | MedlinePlus

Athlete's Foot | Tinea Pedis | MedlinePlus

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Athlete's Foot

Also called: Tinea pedis

Athlete's Foot

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The primary NIH organization for research on Athlete's Foot is theNational Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases


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Athlete's foot is a common infection caused by a fungus. It most often affects the space between the toes. Symptoms include itching, burning, and cracked, scaly skin between your toes.
You can get athlete's foot from damp surfaces, such as showers, swimming pools, and locker room floors. To prevent it
  • Keep your feet clean, dry, and cool
  • Wear clean socks
  • Don't walk barefoot in public areas
  • Wear flip-flops in locker room showers
  • Keep your toenails clean and clipped short
Treatments include over-the-counter antifungal creams for most cases and prescription medicines for more serious infections. These usually clear up the infection, but it can come back.
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