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A Mother’s Fight Against Sepsis: The Simplest Acts Can Prevent Infection

A Back to Basics Approach to Prevent Infection | | Blogs | CDC
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Get Back to Basics to Prevent Infections and Sepsis
Orlaith Staunton

Orlaith Staunton, co-founder of the Rory Staunton Foundation for Sepsis Prevention, and her daughter looked at each other in disbelief. They felt they were watching history repeat itself as a basketball coach bandaged a cut for one of his players, but without taking the precaution of cleaning the wound beforehand. That was the same scenario they believe led to sepsis and ultimately the death of Orlaith’s son Rory.
In a new post on CDC’s Safe Healthcare Blog, Orlaith explains the Rory Staunton Foundation’s back to basics approach to prevent infections that could lead to sepsis. Since one of the back to basics principles is the importance of hand washing, this message is particularly timely as we mark World Hand Hygiene day on May 5.
Read more about this family and their work to prevent infections and sepsis on CDC's Safe Healthcare Blog.

The simplest acts – such as hand washing - can prevent infections that lead to #sepsis. Read how one family is helping others get back to the basics: goo.gl/18b1L4 #CleanHandsCount #WorldHandHygieneDay @rorystauntonfdn’s

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