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Drug Reverses 'Off' Periods in Phase III Trial | Parkinson's Disease

Drug Reverses 'Off' Periods in Phase III Trial | Parkinson's Disease

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Drug Reverses "Off" Periods in Phase III Trial
Results from a Phase III trial of under-the-tongue apomorphine showed improved motor symptoms in people with Parkinson's who experience "off" periods, times when symptoms return because medication isn't working optimally. The Michael J. Fox Foundation funded Phase I and Phase II studies of under-the-tongue apomorphine.
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Parkinson's Will Double by 2040: Are We Ready?
Hear expert discussion and ask your questions in our Third Thursdays Webinar series.
March 15, 2018 at 12 p.m. ET
Seven Marathons
Could Seizure Medication Help Management of Lewy Body Dementia?
In a recent study, the drug zonisamide eased movement symptoms without worsening hallucinations, a common risk associated with treatment of Lewy Body Dementia, a form of atypical parkinsonism.
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Inhaled Levodopa Advances to FDA Review
The last step in the drug development and approval process, a New Drug Application, was filed last week for review of inhaled levodopa, another new way to treat "off" times. The FDA is expected to make a decision no later than October 2018.
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Ask the MD
Ask the MD: Walking and Balance in Parkinson's Disease
In this video, Dr. Rachel Dolhun discusses walking and balance symptoms of PD, how they are managed and ongoing research toward better understandings and new therapies.
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Government Spending Bill Increases Access to Health Care Services
The spending bill recently passed by Congress includes elimination of the cap on Medicare therapy services and a provision to increase the medical research budget.
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Team Fox Regional Roundup
Regional Roundup: Spring Team Fox Events
From bowling to half marathons to family-friendly obstacle courses, there's a Team Fox fundraising event for everyone!
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