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Own baby without be pregnant?, Organ donation shortage, Euthanasia;African physicians position, Brian death controversy...


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2/12/ 2018


Surrogate mother possible regulation has entered into the political debate. Surrogation site: "We are not incubators, nor vessels, nor wombs for rent"

Having your own baby without having to be pregnant? Considerations of Surrogate Pregnancy

"It sounds like a good option right? Especially for those who cannot get pregnant or cannot physically carry a baby. But there are many medical, legal and ethical issues to consider.", see our site content on this matter. A controversial issue is the …
Euthanasia and assisted suicide rejected by African physicians as contrary to the physician’s oath and urged physicians improve palliative care

African physicians as a whole reject euthanasia 

Strengthening palliative care for patients with terminally ill ailments across Africa as the main way to fight euthanasia trends The President of The World Medical Association (WMA) - African region, Ogirima affirmed,  "It is good to know that African doctors have not forgotten the profession’s venerable stand … Read more.
Inaccuracies explaining brain death for harvesting organs results in negative emotions of eventual patients towards physicians and hospitals, organ donors perplexity

Public opinion associates brain death with organ harvesting

"The medical community should improve understanding through consistent, simplified language, dissociating brain death from organ donation" and resolve the controversy about the different criterion of brain death. A recent study … Read more.
Skin bank function. The tissue is distributed to all burn treatment units of the country, being governed by the center for transplants

The skin bank function in Italy. One argument to further promote organ donation

The skin bank has as its main functions the harvesting, processing, preservation, and supply of fine human skin allografts for burn treatment centers and polytrauma. The tissue is distributed to all burn treatment units of the country, is governed by the National and Regional Center for transplants. Skin donation can be made from individuals who have died with the diagnosis …

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