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CDC Tool: Latest Map of Investments to Combat AR

AR Investment Map
Updated CDC Map Shows Investments to Fight Antibiotic Resistance

Today CDC released new data in its Antibiotic Resistance (AR) Investment Map showcasing CDC’s activities to slow antibiotic resistance and meet national goals. These are the first comprehensive reports on state progress made following the first year of Congress’ unprecedented investment in CDC’s Antibiotic Resistance Solutions Initiative.
The AR Investment Map features:
  • more than 170 state-reported successes, like rapidly identifying and containing rare and concerning resistant germs to protect communities, and
  • printable state- and city-specific fact sheets that describe how CDC invests in activities in that area.
Antibiotic resistance, when germs do not respond to the drugs designed to kill them, has the potential to impact all Americans at every stage of life. In fiscal year 2016, CDC made investments in all 50 states, six large cities, and Puerto Rico to enhance laboratory and epidemiology expertise and grow public health innovations to fight antibiotic resistance across healthcare settings, food, and communities.
You can take action to combat antibiotic resistance:

CDC investing in your area to combat AR. New data in #AntibioticResistance Investment Map shows key activities by state. https://wwwn.cdc.gov/ARinvestments#CDCfightsAR

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