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Alzheimer's action plan -- be prepared to fight the causes and consequences

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What if it's Alzheimer's?

Learn how to lower your risk right now... how to boost your memory skills... and how to better meet the challenges of caregiving.

Alzheimer's Disease
Inside Alzheimer’s Disease, you’ll discover:
What is Alzheimer’s disease?
Is it forgetfulness or dementia?
Recognizing the symptoms
How the brain works
And so much more!
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Whether you find yourself hunting for the car keys again or notice that an older loved one asks the same question over and over, one thought emerges: Is it Alzheimer's disease?
Get the answers you need for the questions you have.This Special Health Report from Harvard Medical School will expand your understanding of the causes and consequences of Alzheimer's. You'll learn about advances in diagnosis and ways to safeguard your brain's health and mental agility, and gain insights and strategies for providing balanced and supportive care to a loved one.
Forgetfulness or a foreboding?
When should you worry about a loved one? Or yourself? What are the indicators of more profound memory loss, of dementia, or of Alzheimer's? This Special Health Report will brief you on the signs that distinguish one from another.
You'll find out about advances in diagnosis, illnesses that can mimic Alzheimer's, and common drugs that can cause memory loss.
You can lower your risk — and your family's too!
In the report, you'll discover eight protective factors proven to reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. You'll learn why red wine may offer an ounce of prevention. You'll be introduced to six mentally stimulating activities that help maintain a healthy brain. Plus you'll read about the one thing you may want your child (or grandchild) to stop doing now.
You can be the caregiver you want to be and the one your loved one needs.
Caregiving for someone with Alzheimer's continues to be one of the toughest jobs in the world. You are called upon to provide a safe and supportive environment, but also to handle legal and monetary matters, anticipate future needs, and be a comforting presence.
A Guide to Coping with Alzheimer's Disease will show you how to offer fulfilling care and avoid burnout or regret. You'll find out how to avoid financial pitfalls. You'll get timely and essential guidance for enlisting friends and family, for easing daily routines, and for selecting long-term care. Plus, you'll get valuable tips for maintaining your own health, spirit, and happiness.
Don't wait. Send for your copy of this revealing and guidance-filled Special Health Report today.
To your good health,
Gregory D. Curfman, M.D.
Editor in Chief, Harvard Health Publishing

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