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Infection Diseases, Tropical Medicine and Virology
October 2017

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New Collection: Operational Research on Infectious Diseases of Poverty in Myanmar
Infectious Diseases of Poverty has published a new collection focussing on the importance of operational research in improving the performance of national disease control programs. This thematic collection features the research outputs of the Myanmar national SORT IT Program 2015-16. You can read the collection here.

BMC Infectious Diseases - Call for Papers
BMC Infectious Diseases has launched two new thematic series. The airborne microbiome - implications for aerosol transmission and infection control series looks to understand the airborne microbiome in different environments in order to assess the risks that they may pose. The antimicrobial resistance series meanwhile looks to explore the many facets of AMR, be they biological, clinical, environmental, epidemiological or economic. Both of these are now open for submissions.

Welcome to new Editor-in-Chief Johnson Mak
We are delighted to announce that Dr Johnson Mak, Deakin University, Australia has been appointed Co-Editor-in-Chief of Retrovirology. Dr Mak is a well-known and highly respected figure in the retroviral field. He has been an Editor with the journal since 2004. Johnson brings a broad research expertise in HIV to the position as well as having a successful track record in scientific publishing.

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