viernes, 6 de octubre de 2017

CDC Experts Present Research at Union World Conference on Lung Health in Guadalajara, Mexico, Oct. 11-14


CDC Experts Present Research at Union World Conference on Lung Health in Guadalajara, Mexico, October 11-14

Next week, CDC experts from the Division of HIV & TB will join the world’s top scientific researchers at the 48th Annual Union World Conference on Lung Health to address the growing threat of tuberculosis (TB) worldwide. During this four-day conference, top scientists from around the world will gather to develop innovative partnerships, inspire public health action in the fight against global TB, and discuss ground-breaking research to strengthen the global response to TB. Throughout the event, CDC will highlight its on-the-ground efforts around the world to find, cure and prevent global TB, including the threat of TB strains resistant to existing drugs. The 2017 conference theme is “Accelerating Toward Elimination.”
At this year’s Union World Conference on Lung Health, CDC researchers will present 18 abstracts and 7 sessions by way of symposiums, courses, oral abstracts, post-graduate courses, and poster presentations. These abstracts range in topic from the impact of TB BASICS in Ethiopia, to TB surveillance among healthcare workers in Nigeria, to TB symptom screening and use of IPT in Kenya, and the effects of latent TB infection and TB disease among healthcare workers in Thailand.
For a complete list of all CDC abstracts and sessions presented at the conference, see below.

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