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What to do about Allergies - Harvard Health

What to do about Allergies - Harvard Health

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Stop allergy symptoms fast and defeat their causes for good!

Discover how you can control and prevent more than 50 allergic conditions with confidence and success!

Are you allergy prone? You are not alone. More than fifty million Americans are susceptible to at least one allergen. Allergies may be a fact of life, but they don’t have to affect how you live yours!
There’s no allergy you can’t outsmart!
Some allergies you can outgrow. Some you can’t. But you can outsmart EVERY allergy. Allergies are controllable and avoidable.
In this Special Health Report, you’ll find how to get not only immediate relief from a specific allergy, but a lasting reprieve — how to ease an allergy’s symptoms quickly and prevent its recurrence.
You’ll put an end to the mystery and the misery.
Often, we don’t know what makes us sneeze and itch. We face scores of allergens daily — from dander and detergents to mites and mold — from seasonal bursts of pollen to today’s explosion in food allergies.
This Special Health Report ends the “guesswork.” It will brief you on breakthroughs in testing and show you how to work with your physician to pinpoint an offending allergen quickly and accurately.
You’ll discover faster—and safer— allergy relievers.
From their practices, Harvard doctors generously share their knowledge of the best techniques and medications to alleviate allergy symptoms. For example, you’ll read how to beat hay fever symptoms before they start, a 6-step asthma action plan for speedier relief, five new generation antihistamines without the sleepy side-effects, and the three top moisturizers for eczema-affected skin.
And you’ll find how to keep allergies from ever getting started!
With allergies, avoidance is the best medicine. In the Special Health Report, you’ll learn how to minimize and eliminate allergens. You’ll be briefed on new therapies to prevent children’s food allergies, tips for avoiding pollen exposure, the 7 allergens women are most likely to face, and much more.
Controlling Your Allergies is packed with practical guidance to help you and your family enjoy freedom from the worry and suffering of allergies. Send for your copy today!
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To your good health,
Gregory D. Curfman, M.D.
Editor in Chief, Harvard Health Publications
Controlling Your Allergies
Inside Controlling Your Allergies, you'll discover:
Allergies: A growing menace
Why are you allergic?
What happens during an allergic reaction?
Pinpointing your allergic triggers
Controlling common allergic conditions
Special Section: Food allergies
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