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Science & Research > Safety Reporting Portal for Tobacco Products

Science & Research > Safety Reporting Portal for Tobacco Products

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Smoking can block
Missed the inaugural issue of CTPConnect?
FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) recently published its newest issue of CTPConnect, a plainspoken digest with the latest stories from the Center. Want the full experience? Sign up today to receive the next issue of CTPConnect and other important updates from CTP directly to your inbox.
CTP Reporting Portal
Center for Tobacco Products updated safety reporting portal
CTP recently updated its Safety Reporting Portal, an online tool for reporting suspected problems with tobacco products. Whether you’re a consumer, manufacturer, clinical investigator, or health professional, let FDA know about products that seem to be damaged, defective, contaminated, or that smell or taste wrong. More information and to report a safety concern online.
FDA’s LGBT Public Education Campaign Makes Headlines
FDA’s “This Free Life” Campaign was recently recognized at the annual Association of National Advertisers (ANA) Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference. Winning the Multicultural Award of Excellence in the LGBT category, FDA made its mark among other category winners such as Coca-Cola, Toyota, and McDonalds. Watch the Ad and learn more about FDA’s “This Free Life” campaign!
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Do you know someone who could benefit from CTP’s messages about tobacco? Sharing information about the health effects of tobacco has never been so easy. Simply save either image in this section and post it to your social media account, such as Facebook or Twitter.

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