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GNAQ gene - Genetics Home Reference

GNAQ gene - Genetics Home Reference

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GNAQ gene

G protein subunit alpha q

The GNAQ gene provides instructions for making a protein called guanine nucleotide-binding protein G(q) subunit alpha (Gαq). The Gαq protein is part of a group of proteins called the trimeric G protein complex. This complex attaches (binds) to other proteins called G protein coupled receptors. When the protein complex is bound to a receptor, the Gαq protein binds to a molecule called GTP and is turned on (activated). The activated Gαq protein then separates from the protein complex and activates signaling pathways that help to regulate the development and function of blood vessels. The Gαq protein converts GTP to a similar molecule called GDP, which turns off (inactivates) the protein. It then reattaches to the trimeric G protein complex, turning off the signaling pathways.

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