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Have a question for CDC on concussion safety among kids and teens?

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New "Ask the Expert" activity on the CDC HEADS UP Facebook Page

Ask the Experts. Join us on Facebook 1pm ET 2nd Tuesday each month

Have you ever wanted to ask CDC’s experts a question about concussion and brain injury among kids and teens? Well, now you can! CDC’s new HEADS UP Facebook "Ask the Expert" activity allows CDC’s top subject matter experts to connect with fans by encouraging them to be active on the Facebook page by posing their questions to CDC experts.

How Does It Work?

The #AskTheExpert activity will occur at 1pm ET on the second Tuesday of each month and will feature responses from CDC experts. Fans should post questions about concussion and brain injury safety among kids and teens by commenting on the CDC "Ask the Expert" post each month. CDC’s experts look forward to answering your questions about concussion and brain injury safety. It’s up to you to ask!
Please note: CDC cannot provide individual or specific medical advice. It is important to talk with your doctor or nurse about any concerns you may have.

Spread the Word

Help us spread the word about CDC’s #AskTheExpert activity by posting these social media messages on Facebook and Twitter:
Twitter: You ask, CDC answers! Questions about #concussion & brain injury safety? Get #CDCHEADSUP & #AskTheExpert your questions on Facebook!
Facebook: Do you have questions about concussion and brain injury safety in youth sports? #AskTheExpert your questions in the comments on the CDC HEADS UP Facebook page. The second Tuesday of each month, a CDC expert will go LIVE to answer! Check back to get #CDCHEADSUP about concussion safety!

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