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Ivanhoe's First to Know for 2/27/2017

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Smart Living for this week:

The Nurse Who Paints Her Patients

Plants For Dummies

Closing The Word Gap For Toddlers

High-Tech Pets


Doctor's In-depth Interview of the week
Fixing Frozen Shoulder Syndrome - In-Depth Doctor Interview


Quote of the week:

“The struggle in caring for people is more often with what you do not know than what you do. Medicine's ground state is uncertainty. And wisdom - for both patients and doctors - is defined by how one copes with it.” 

— Atul Gawande


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Heart disease affects 15 million Americans and remains the leading cause of death. Recently, the FDA has approved a new type of stent that dissolves over time, and gives doctors more life-saving options

Lost in the healthcare system or frustrated by the long wait for help? Now, a one-stop shop approach to medical care is a win for a growing number of patients           

New technology and a playlist of tunes is helping people who have lost a limb

About one in ten babies in the U.S. are born too early and those numbers are on the rise. Steps couples can take to reduce the risk of premature birth

Many women coming out of our armed forces are suffering from PTSD and getting them treated at male-dominated facilities has been a challenge.  Now a unique approach is getting these women the help they need

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