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Cancer and activity | Concussions | Sleep | Healthy pancreas | Antibiotics

Cancer and activity | Concussions | Sleep | Healthy pancreas | Antibiotics

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Physical Activity and Cancer

A family hiking together.

Learn what research has shown about the benefits of physical activity for certain types of cancer. (From NIH’s National Cancer Institute)

Sports Concussion Recovery Time

A closeup of a football player.

In a study of young athletes with concussions, researchers found that a high level of tau protein in blood samples was linked to longer recovery time. (NIH Research Matters)

Reset Your Brain by Sleeping

A woman sleeping with a dog.

Everyone needs to sleep. Two research teams showed how sleep allows connections in the brain to reset and get ready for a new day of activity. (From NIH Director’s Blog)

Tips for a Healthy Pancreas

A man serving salad.

The pancreas makes substances that help with digestion and control the body’s sugar balance. Find out what to do to keep your pancreas working well. (From NIH News in Health)

Take All Your Antibiotics

A child receiving an ear exam.

Children under age 2 with an ear infection are more likely to improve if they receive an antibiotic for 10 days rather than only 5 days. (From NIH News in Health)

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