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Cancer Information Highlights, February 28, 2017

Cancer Information Highlights, February 28, 2017

National Cancer Institute

Also of Interest
Tests to Detect Colorectal Cancer and Polyps

March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, a good time to learn how colon and rectal cancers can be found early, when they are most treatable. This page covers the different tests that are available, how to decide which test is right for you, and when you should start being screened.
Colorectal Cancer Prevention

Learn about factors that increase your risk for developing colon and rectal cancers, as well as those that can lower your risk.
Day-to-Day Life for People with Cancer

Making decisions about how to live your life is especially important for people with cancer. This page links to strategies for managing day-to-day life with cancer, faith and spirituality, and going back to work.

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