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In Pictures and Videos: OWH's 25th Anniversary Event | Office on Women's Health Blog

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In Pictures and Videos: OWH's 25th Anniversary Event | Office on Women's Health Blog

In Pictures and Videos: OWH's 25th Anniversary Event

On October 20, a shared commitment to women's health brought over 250 people together — online and in person — to celebrate OWH's 25th anniversary. Together, we highlighted the accomplishments we've made over the past 25 years, honored incredible individuals for their contributions to women's health, and discussed what needs to be done to continue advancing the well-being of our nation's women and girls. I was lucky enough to have a front row seat as the emcee for the day's special activities, and I want to share with you some pictures and videos from the event. Enjoy!
HHS Acting Assistant Secretary for Health Dr. Karen DeSalvo joined us at the event as our first speaker. She thanked OWH for ensuring that women's health is part of the national conversation and reminded us that women are key decision-makers for the health of their families and our nation.
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From left to right: Joy Burkhard, OWH award recipient; Valerie Borden, OWH; Nicole Greene, OWH
We started our event by recognizing some champions in women's health who have made outstanding contributions in the areas of research, advocacy, policy, and education. In total, we gave out eight awards. Here's the complete list of our award recipients:
  • Anne Wheaton, Ambassador Award winner
  • Danni Starr, Ambassador Award winner
  • Elaina Featherstone and Stephanie Kaplan Lewis representing Her Campus Media, Partnership Award winner
  • Dr. Nancy Fugate Woods, Trailblazer Award winner
  • Phyllis Greenberger, Trailblazer Award winner
  • Dr. Hanni Stoklosa, Emerging Leader Award winner
  • Joy Burkhard, Emerging Leader Award winner
  • Senator Barbara Mikulski, Policy Award winner
Dr. Karen Scott, Phyllis Greenberger, Cindy Pearson, and Linda Goler Blount
From left to right: Dr. Karen Scott, Phyllis Greenberger, Cindy Pearson, Linda Goler Blount
Following our awards presentation, OASH Chief Medical Officer and Interim Acting Director for OWH Dr. Karen Scott moderated a panel discussion with three distinguished women who discussed their ideas on how we can further improve women's and girls' health over the next 25 years. Our panelists, listed below, have dedicated their careers to this cause.
  • Phyllis Greenberger, Founding Executive Director and former President and CEO of the Society for Women's Health Research
  • Cindy Pearson, Executive Director at National Women's Health Network
  • Linda Goler Blount, President and CEO of the Black Women's Health Imperative
Panelist Linda Goler Blount discusses the need for our society to value women across the lifespan and to change the way we think about aging women.
Dr. Scott shares a quote from First Lady Michelle Obama to remind us that our communities are only as strong as the health of our women.
Anne Wheaton, Dr. Karen DeSalvo, and Danni Starr
From left to right: Anne Wheaton, Dr. Karen DeSalvo, Danni Starr
Dr. DeSalvo stands backstage with our 2016 Ambassador Award recipients, Anne Wheaton and Danni Starr. Ms. Wheaton and Ms. Starr have teamed up with OWH to help raise awareness of the Office and its observances, such a National Women's Health Week and National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.
Group photo of award recipients and OWH.
From left to right: Anne Wheaton; Danni Starr; Elaina Featherstone; Nicole Greene; Stephanie Kaplan Lewis; Dr. Nancy Fugate Woods; Phyllis Greenberger; Valerie Borden; Dr. Karen DeSalvo; Dr. Karen Scott; Dr. Jewel Mullen, HHS Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health; Cindy Pearson; Dr. Nancy C. Lee; Linda Goler Blount; Dr. Hanni Stoklosa
Photo of current and former OWH staff
OWH staff members (current and former) from left to right: Aaron Polacek, Emmett Nixon, Calvin Teel, Stephen Hayes
Photo of four OWH staff members.
OWH staff members from left to right: Stephanie Alexander, Cheryl Thompson, Ursuline Singleton, Marty Bond
I'm always proud to be a member of the senior leadership team here at OWH, but our 25th anniversary event was a particularly inspiring day. I love working with such hardworking and committed individuals. Learn more about my team and how we're helping women and girls achieve the best possible health during our 25th year and beyond.

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