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Fogarty/NIH news: Collins tribute, Neurological Disorders and Stroke, Ebola-affected countries

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November / December 2016

Global health community pays tribute to NIH Director Dr Francis S Collins

The global health community gathered to recognize the significant advances supported by NIH Director Dr. Francis S. Collins during his tenure.
Headshot of NIH Director Dr Francis S Collins

Screen capture of World Report

International research funders launch World Report

​Global research funders have launched an interactive, open-access online database and mapping tool of research projects funded around the world.
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Fogarty provides support to Ebola-affected countries

​Fogarty has launched a new program to help prepare institutions in countries most affected by the recent Ebola epidemic compete for research training support.
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Photo by Morgana Wingard for USAID, Healthcare workers put on personal protective equipment in Liberia

(c) 2014 Louis Kleynhans, Courtesy of Photoshare. Woman seated next to smoking stone cookstove, young child seated next to her.

NIH-funded trial to assess benefits of clean cookstoves

NIH is funding a multi-country study to determine if a widely available, clean, alternative cooking fuel significantly reduces deaths and illnesses caused by household air pollution.
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Profile: Fogarty Fellow studies lupus in South African children

As a Fogarty Fellow in South Africa, Dr. Laura Lewandowski studied pediatric lupus, which is more common and severe in people of African descent.
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Dr. Laura Lewandowski reviews printouts in a medical exam room

Close up of hands using blood pressure monitor next to a smartphone

Focus on the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) works with global partners to identify innovative ways to treat and prevent neurological diseases.

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