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The DNA-based diet | CMAJ News

The DNA-based diet | CMAJ News
The DNA-based diet
Can DNA and blood tests reveal which foods are optimal for an individual’s health?
Roger Collier | CMAJ | Nov. 9, 2016
Perhaps you’re a “protein seeker.” Maybe eggs are your “hero food,” or it might be spinach. This is the type of “personalized nutrition” information based on DNA and blood analysis that Habit, a new California-based company, will soon be delivering to health-conscious consumers — with a salmon fillet and avocado on the side.
Some researchers in the field of nutrition genomics are skeptical, suggesting that even if the concept holds promise, the science has not advanced enough to allow companies to craft an optimal diet for any given person. But Habit is optimistic that its “patent-pending and proprietary platform,” which considers more than 60 biomarkers, can make good on its promise.

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