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Human Genomics across the Lifespan ► Reviews, News and Commentaries

Genomics|Update|Non Communicable Diseases

Non Communicable Diseases wiith DNA

Volume 35  Number 12  September 17-24, 2015

Reviews, News and Commentaries

Money matters: shaping the use of genomics in the NHS, External Web Site Icon by Dr Gurdeep Sagoo, PHG Foundation, September 17, 2015
Why I'm sceptical about the idea of genetically inherited trauma,External Web Site Icon by Ewan Birney, the Guardian, September 11, 2015
Why you shouldn’t know too much about your own genes,External Web Site Icon by Carolyn Johnson, Washington Post, September 11, 2015
AGA recommends all patients with colorectal cancer get tested for Lynch syndrome,External Web Site Icon American Gastroenterological Association, September 10, 2015
CRISPR genome editing 'an important tool',External Web Site Icon BBC News, September 10, 2015
Pathway launches 'liquid biopsy' to find cancer in healthy people,External Web Site Icon by Julie Steenhuysen, Reuters, September 10, 2015
Sifting DNA databases for the right diagnosis,External Web Site Icon by Michelle Cortez, Bloomberg, September 10, 2015
What is genome editing and how does it work? External Web Site Icon By Kate Arkless Gray, Wellcome Trust Blog, September 10, 2015
What population genetic diversity can and can't tell us,External Web Site Icon by Anne Buchanan, Mermaid?s Tale, September 10, 2015
Human genetic diversity and social inequalities, External Web Site Icon Genes to Genomes Blog, September 9, 2015
How privacy law affects medical and scientific research,External Web Site Icon by John Conley, Genomics Law Report, September 1, 2015 

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