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Getting the right assessment makes all the difference in concussion care

Getting the right assessment makes all the difference in concussion care

Cognitive assessment

Cognitive assessments playing an important role in DoD concussion care

In the fight against concussions, doctors rely on neurocognitive testing, often mislabeled as a “baseline concussion test.” The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan made the assessment of cognitive problems related to concussion (mild traumatic brain injury) an important focus in the medical care of service members. Read More ...

Hispanic Heritage

Grandmother’s influence helped preserve Military Health System leader’s Hispanic heritage

He considers himself a Mexican-American. But for Texas native James Rodriguez, the deputy assistant secretary of Defense in the Office of Warrior Care Policy, his family doesn’t come from immigrant roots. “I’m a Texan, actually,” said Rodriguez. “There are six generations of us from Texas. In fact, we were here before Texas was Texas.” 

Read More ...


Army to enlist robots to pull Soldiers off battlefield

Most Americans have seen at least one war movie, where at some point a fresh-faced young private is hit with some shrapnel. From the ground, he calls out for the unit medic - another young guy, from another small town, whose quick reaction and skill just may save his life. In the near future, however, it may no longer be another Soldier, who comes running to his side. Read More ...

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