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Natural Product Integrity Policy

Natural Product Integrity Policy

National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health

Natural Product Integrity (NCCIH Policy)

A reminder for all grantees submitting applications for natural products research - NCCIH is committed to the rigorous scientific investigation of natural products used in complementary and integrative medicine. This Policy establishes guidance on the information required by NCCIH for different types of products used in both mechanistic and clinical research including complex botanical products, complex animal products, probiotics, refined products, and placebos.
This Policy is applicable to all Research Grants (e.g., R01, R15, R21), Competitive Renewals, Center Grants (e.g., P01, P50, and their Pilot Projects), Cooperative Agreements (U's), Contracts (N's), Fellowships (F's), Career Awards (K's), and NCCIH's intramural projects. It applies to all study agents not acquired through a competitive process or developed by NCCIH-supported research-grade product development contractors or grantees. The Policy does not apply to Institutional Training Grants (T32, T35).
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