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Ready, Set, Get Active

Ready, Set, Get Active

National Women's Health Week 2015

Get active for National Women’s Health Week!

Women walking

From reducing stress, to improving sleep,physical activity has tons of health benefits. Just 30 minutes of brisk walking a day is enough to lower your risk of breast cancer. Wow!
Use these tips to help you get moving today:
  • Take a break at work to stretch or take a quick walk.
  • Jog in place during the commercials of your favorite show.
  • Make exercise social! Invite friends and family to join you.
  • Choose activities you enjoy, like yoga, hiking, or gardening. You're more likely to stick with them.
  • Track your steps and try to hit 10,000 steps each day.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
Remember to start slowly, and set specific, short-term goals. We know you can do it. Pledge to get active today!  

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