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NDEP News & Notes: Take the Diabetes Risk Test and Know Your Risk for Type 2 Diabetes

NDEP News & Notes

Diabetes Alert Day is March 24, 2015To support American Diabetes Association Alert Day®, the NDEP encourages people to find out if they are at  risk for type 2 diabetes by taking the Diabetes Risk Test. Visit to find the Diabetes Risk Test and other type 2 diabetes prevention resources that you can use in your outreach efforts.
Celebrate National Kidney Month with NKDEPMarch is National Kidney Month, the perfect time to talk to your diabetes patients about their kidney health. This March, the National Kidney Disease Education Program (NKDEP) is making it easy for anyone to be a kidney health champion. NKDEP has 6 ways in just 60 seconds that you can share information about kidney health with patients, community members, or loved ones.
Bite Into a Healthy Lifestyle this National Nutrition MonthMarch is National Nutrition Month. This year’s theme is "Bite into a Healthy Lifestyle." Consuming fewer calories and making informed eating decisions are an important part of maintaining a healthy weight and reducing your chances of developing a chronic disease. Share NDEP’s Healthy Eating with Diabetes video and diabetes-friendly recipes to encourage healthy-eating habits.  
World Oral Health Day is March 20, 2015Learn more about the oral health and diabetes connection. NDEP’s PPOD resources can help providers and consumers.
New Updated NDEP Diabetes at Work Website Explore the revamped web site. There are new resources to help worksites address the issues of people with or at risk for diabetes. 
NDEP’s Practice Transformation Website Highlighted in Commentary Published in the Journal, Diabetes Care NDEP’s Practice Transformation website—which presents essential tools, information, and resources for health care professionals about patient-centered care—is highlighted in a commentary in the March issue of the American Diabetes Association’s Diabetes Care. The commentary, “Responding to the Challenges of Primary Diabetes Care Through the National Diabetes Education,” is co-authored by Kevin Peterson, Marie Brown, and Elizabeth Warren-Boulton, all of whom helped with the development of the Practice Transformation website.
Exploring Diabetes HealthSense NDEP's Diabetes HealthSense online tool can help you find resources to support people in making changes to live well, whether they have diabetes or not. Check out CDC’s Rethink Your Drink to help people reduce the number of calories in what they drink and decipher nutrition facts labels.
Partners Shine in NDEP's Partner SpotlightNDEP’s March Partner Spotlight features Marti Funnell for supporting NDEP in the Diabetes HealthSense task group. 

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