lunes, 23 de marzo de 2015

Genomics|Update|Infectious Diseases ► Detection and Diagnosis

Genomics|Update|Infectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases with cells in the background

Volume 34  Number 11  March 19-26, 2015

Detection and Diagnosis

Salmonella serotype determination utilizing high-throughput genome sequencing data. External Web Site Icon
Zhang S et al. J. Clin. Microbiol. 2015 Mar 11. (CDC Author)
Development of a metabolic biosignature for detection of early Lyme disease. External Web Site Icon
Molins CR et al. Clin. Infect. Dis. 2015 Mar 11. (CDC Author)
Advances in molecular diagnosis of parasitic enteropathogens. External Web Site Icon
Byrne S et al. Pathology 2015 Apr (3) 234-42

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