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Health Alert Network (HAN)|CDC

Health Alert Network (HAN)|CDC

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Health Alert Network (HAN)

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CDC's Health Alert Network (HAN) is CDC's primary method of sharing cleared information about urgent public health incidents with public information officers; federal, state, territorial, and local public health practitioners; clinicians; and public health laboratories.
CDC’s HAN collaborates with federal, state, territorial, and city/county partners to develop protocols and stakeholder relationships that will ensure a robust interoperable platform for the rapid distribution of public health information.

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HAN Outreach

CDC’s HAN is a strong national program, providing vital health information and the infrastructure 
to support dissemination at state and local levels, and beyond. The vast majority of the state-based 
HAN programs have over 90% of their populations covered under the umbrella of HAN. The HAN 
messaging system directly and indirectly transmits Health Alerts, Advisories, Updates, and Info 
Services to over one million recipients.

HAN Message Types

  • Health Alert: provides vital, time-sensitive information for a specific incident or situation; warrants immediate action or attention by health officials, laboratorians, clinicians, and members of the public; and conveys the highest level of importance.
    Example: HAN00001
  • Health Advisory: provides important information for a specific incident or situation; contains recommendations or actionable items to be performed by public health officials, laboratorians, and/or clinicians; may not require immediate action.
    Example: HAN00346
  • Health Update: provides updated information regarding an incident or situation; unlikely to require immediate action.
    Example: HAN00342
  • Info Service: provides general public health information; unlikely to require immediate action.
    Example: HAN00345
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