viernes, 30 de enero de 2015

A Cold Night for a Good Cause

Dept. of Health & Human Services
Jan 29, 2015
By: Bill Corr, HHS Deputy Secretary
Deputy Secretary:
Last night, as the temperature dropped to a chilling 25 degrees, I joined hundreds of volunteers canvassing the streets of Washington for D.C.'s annual "Point-in-Time" homeless count. This census of homeless individuals measures how well we are meeting our national goal to end homelessness and helps the Administration determine how to allocate resources for homeless support services. But beyond just number gathering, this effort aims to connect those experiencing homelessness with housing, health care, and other resources they need.
Those of us in D.C. were just a handful of the volunteers from communities across the country--many in areas even colder than the Capitol--who go out each January to conduct a census of our homeless neighbors. Volunteers speak to people living on the street and ask a few short questions. We also provide them a list of resources where they could connect to services, including agencies that could support their health and help them get off the streets.
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