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Caring for Children in a Disaster|CDC

Caring for Children in a Disaster|CDC

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Caring for Children in a Disaster

Emergency response staff reviewing steps to use a water purification unit.

Pediatrician for Preparedness: Dr. Landers’ Story
A neighborhood destroyed by a tornado
The Storm is Over, But Not Its Effects: Dr. Allen’s Story

A memorial for the victims of the Boston Marathon.

Remembering Boston: Dr. Stavas’ Story

Cars along wildfire evacuation route. Wildfire in the background.

Fire in the Night: Iris’ Story
Zac posing in his wheel chair for his baseball team photo.
Preparing Brings Peace of Mind: Zac’s Story

Back-to-School Preparedness

It’s back-to-school time. Parents, learn how to take a few extra steps to help children be prepared for emergencies. Get prepared and have a great school year.

Additional Resources

How are children different from adults?

Disasters affect children differently than they do adults. Learn more about the unique needs of children during and after disasters.

Preparing for natural disasters

Take steps to help your family prepare for many types of disasters. You can also learn how to handle many of the issues disasters may bring.

Info for specific groups

Find tools and information for families, emergency & health professionals, and schools & childcare centers.

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