lunes, 22 de diciembre de 2014

CDC’s Solve the Outbreak is Now Available on desktop computers

Play Solve the Outbreak on the CDC website today!

Solve the Outbreak Web Version

Are you ready to become a disease detective by solving outbreaks?

Your mission, if you choose to accept, is to get clues and analyze data to Solve the Outbreak and save lives. In this fun, interactive app you get to try your hand at becoming a Disease Detective.  You’ll travel the world chasing outbreaks like the ones real-life CDC Disease Detectives help fight.  Should you quarantine the town, send for more lab results, or alert the media?
The better your answers, the faster you’ll climb the ranks and achieve Disease Detective status!  Master Level 1 to unlock Level 2 for even more exciting scenarios and earn honors for your demonstrated expertise! 

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