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Prepare, Respond, Recover

About the Disaster Technical Assistance Center (DTAC)

SAMHSA DTAC prepares states, territories, tribes, and local entities to deliver an effective mental health and substance abuse (behavioral health) response to disasters.
Download the SAMHSA DTAC Brochure (PDF | 278 KB) to learn more about the mission and services available, or watch the "About SAMHSA Disaster Training and Technical Assistance" video that highlights free materials and services available for disaster behavioral health professionals and other first responders.


SAMHSA DTAC assists states, territories, tribes, and local entities with all-hazards disaster behavioral health response planning that allows them to prepare for and respond to both natural and human-caused disasters. SAMHSA DTAC also supports collaboration among mental health and substance abuse authorities, federal agencies, and nongovernmental organizations and facilitates in the sharing of information and best practices with the disaster behavioral health field. Contact SAMHSA DTAC staff for:
  • Consultation to review disaster mental health and substance abuse plans
  • Disaster behavioral health trainings or consultations
  • Research on emergent issues


SAMHSA DTAC supports the SAMHSA Center for Mental Health Services in the provision of disaster behavioral health technical assistance grants, which are available to eligible states, territories, and federally recognized tribes, through the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) Crisis Counseling Assistance and Training Program.
Also, SAMHSA DTAC staff members are knowledgeable about the experiences of states that have confronted certain types of disasters, and they can relay lessons learned and best practices that have grown out of these experiences. Contact SAMHSADTAC staff for assistance in identifying:
  • Suitable publications
  • Psychoeducational materials
  • Expert consultants

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