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CDC - Vaccines - Immunization Schedules for Adults in Easy-to-read Formats

CDC - Vaccines - Immunization Schedules for Adults in Easy-to-read Formats

Immunization Schedules for Adults
in Easy-to-read Formats

You never outgrow the need for vaccines. The specific immunizations you need as an adult are determined by factors such as your age, lifestyle, high-risk conditions, type and locations of travel, and previous immunizations.

View or Print a Schedule

Vaccinations for adults for those 19 years and older.
Recommended Immunizations for Adults (19 Years and Older) by Age and Medical Condition

You can display the immunization schedule in the easy-to-read format on your website. See how the adult schedule by age and the adult schedule by health condition will appear on your website. For instructions, seeDisplay Immunization Schedules on Your Website.

What Vaccines Do You Need?

Vaccines Quiz.
Vaccine recommendations for adolescents and adults are based on a variety of factors including age, overall health status, and medical history.
To help you understand what vaccines you (those 11 years and older) might need, you can complete the Adolescent and Adult Vaccine Quiz online. Then print your results and discuss them with your doctor or health care professional next time you make an office visit. Take the quizUPDATED OCT 2014.
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Adult Schedule, by Vaccine and Age Group

Display and Print the Adult Schedule on Your Website

Why Might Some Adults Need Vaccines?

Some adults incorrectly assume that the vaccines they received as children will protect them for the rest of their lives. Generally this is true, except that:
  • Some adults were never vaccinated as children
  • Newer vaccines were not available when some adults were children
  • Immunity can begin to fade over time
  • As we age, we become more susceptible to serious disease caused by common infections (such as flu and pneumococcus)

Screening Form

Determine which vaccines you need and when to get them

It can sometimes be difficult to understand or keep track of exactly which vaccines you need. Use the following form to help you understand what vaccines might be important for you. Questions on the form help you and your doctor decide which vaccines you need and when to get them. You can print the form, fill it out, and take it with you to the office the next time you see your doctor.

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