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CDC - SchoolVaxView Publications and Resources - Imz Managers - Vaccines

CDC - SchoolVaxView Publications and Resources - Imz Managers - Vaccines

SchoolVaxView Publications and Resources


Each year CDC publishes reports and other documents based on school vaccination surveys and other data sources. 


Some states post their state or local level school vaccination coverage assessment reports online. The local data may help parents understand the risks for vaccine-preventable diseases and the benefits of vaccinations for their children. 

SchoolVaxView Objectives, Targets, and Indicators

SchoolVaxView School Vaccination Requirements and Exemptions

All 50 states and the District of Columbia require certain vaccinations for children entering schools.

State Vaccination Requirements

Use this tool to learn about childcare, kindergarten, middle school, college, and university vaccination requirements for school entry.

State Allowable Exemptions for Schools

Use this tool to learn about the temporary or permanent medical, religious, and philosophical exemptions allowed by each state.

State Web Links

Use this tool to link to websites for state health departments, immunization programs, and requirements.


SchoolVaxView Data Reports

The school vaccination assessment reports contain data on vaccinations received, vaccination exemption totals, school and student enrollment numbers, and awardee survey methods and validation. The reports can be searched by school year, school grade, and awardee. The data in these reports are not corrected to accurately describe the school population. Accurate data are provided in the school vaccination coverage MMWR articles.
The available report options are:
  1. A complete school vaccination assessment report for a specific state or local area.
  2. A report with all responses to a specific survey question. The results can be provided for all or selected state or local areas as well as for all or selected school grade levels.  

State and national school vaccination assessment reports

Note: Only data published in the MMWR Weekly Report for the 2009-10 school years have been verified. All other data have not been verified nor confirmed with the reporting states, cities, and territories, and may contain some inaccuracies.

Sample Questionnaires for annual Kindergarten, Middle School, and Childcare Vaccination Assessment Report

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