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CDC - Cooperative Agreement to Support Young Women Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

CDC - Cooperative Agreement to Support Young Women Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

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Cooperative Agreement to Support Young Women Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

In September 2011, CDC awarded funding to seven organizations for a new three-year cooperative agreement, “Developing Support and Educational Awareness for Young (<45) Breast Cancer Survivors in the United States,” as part of a broader effort to support breast cancer awareness in young women. This program provided resources to organizations to establish or enhance existing support services for young breast cancer survivors and their families. Organizations also were funded to develop tools and resources to increase patient and provider knowledge of health behaviors and other strategies for reducing disease risk (such as recurrences, risk for other chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, and diabetes) and for improving overall health, wellness, and quality of life. These resources should help patients understand recommended diagnostic follow-up of abnormal screening exams, cancer diagnoses, treatment referrals, and preventive behaviors.
CDC received 53 applications from a diverse group of applicants including universities and academic centers, hospitals and cancer centers, non-profit organizations, and state health departments. All applications were objectively reviewed. CDC funded the following organizations—

John C. Lincoln Health Network

The John C. Lincoln Health Network conducts outreach and educational events throughout the state of Arizona to raise awareness and guide young breast cancer survivors to resources, educate the medical community on unique issues pertaining to young women, and educate young women on general breast health.


Sharsheret’s program, Thriving Again, will provide culturally relevant clinical support and educational resources for young Jewish breast cancer survivors and their families. The tailored programming will address issues such as the impact of cancer on career, relationships, reproduction, health and wellness, finances, and increased risk of breast cancer and other related cancers in Jewish families.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Living Beyond Breast Cancer will develop a pilot program for underserved young breast cancer survivors. Other outreach activities include developing a Young Women’s Initiative Advisory and Outreach Network and expanding their survivors’ helpline and Web content for young breast cancer survivors.

Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center and the Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center

The Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center and the Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center have determined the top needs of young breast cancer survivors by performing a literature review, survey, resource assessment, and gap analysis. Work is underway to develop a network of providers to respond to young breast cancer survivors’ needs, and a process to facilitate navigation into services.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill assessed the needs and use of structured support services by young breast cancer survivors. The University will increase use of support services through a referral Web site, provider education and outreach, and increased patient awareness.

University of California at Los Angeles and the Simms Mann Center for Integrative Oncology

The University of California at Los Angeles collaborates with the Simms Mann Center for Integrative Oncology to develop a pilot program where young breast cancer survivors can share their concerns about survivorship and learn coping skills. An online resource library is being developed to provide young breast cancer survivors with information, education, and local resources that support all phases of survivorship.

Washington University

Washington University’s Young Women’s Breast Cancer Program conducts a Young Women’s Survivorship Group to provide education and healthy living activities to young women recently diagnosed, in active treatment, or post-treatment. To improve outreach and engagement with minority survivors, the program has increased involvement in community events and developed a monthly art program for young breast cancer survivors.

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