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Reviews & Commentaries on Science & Technology


Reviews & Commentaries on Science & Technology

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From dissecting cadavers to dissecting genomesExternal Web Site Icon
Topol E Sci Transl Med 5(202):202ed15 2013 Sep 11
Next-generation sequencing: The genome jigsawExternal Web Site Icon
Marx V Nature 501, 263-268 2013 Sep 11
What is a biobank? Different definitions among stakeholdersExternal Web Site Icon
Shaw DM et al. Clinical Genetics, Sep 3
The human urine metabolome.External Web Site Icon
Souhaila Bouatra, et al. PloS One, Sep 2013
Some experiences and opportunities for big data in translational researchExternal Web Site Icon
Christopher G. Chute et al. Genetics in Medicine, Sep 5
Parents push for standardized screening of Jewish genetic diseases,External Web Site Icon CNN, Sep 10
Genome Digest: What researchers are learning as they sequence, map, and decode species’ genomes,External Web Site Icon by Erin Weeks, The Scientist, Sep 9
From birth, our microbes become as personal as a fingerprint,External Web Site Icon  by Rob Stein, NPR, Sep 9
Microbe transplants treat some diseases that drugs can't fix,External Web Site Icon by Rob stein, NPR, Sep 9
A defense of beanbag epidemiology.External Web Site Icon Nature/Nurture blog on genetic epidemiology and statistics–how tos and wherefores, Sep 6
Is testing a baby's genome worth it?External Web Site Icon MSN News, Sep 6
How a change in gut microbes can affect weight,External Web Site Icon by Rob Stein, NPR, Sep 5

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