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Healthy Aging Your Way

Healthy Aging Your Way

Healthy Aging Your Way

Healthy Aging Your Way

Every generation puts its own spin on the aging process, and how you approach your 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond is different than the way your parents did. This September during Healthy Aging Month, find the latest government information from to help you improve your physical, mental and financial health:

Staying in the pink

Get a group of friends together, and the subject eventually turns to health, from managing medications to getting more physically active. Use the Go4Life website from the National Institute on Aging for helpful tips, encouraging success stories and modern, realistic fitness plans to build your strength, flexibility and endurance. And visit’s Healthy Aging section for suggestions on handling age-related health challenges, from treating osteoporosis and caring for aging skin to preventing falls and understanding drug labels.

More than just “the blues”

Depression can take away your enthusiasm for the things and people you care about. It can creep in if you live with constant physical pain, are grieving a loved one or are facing the loss of your independence. And it can be conquered. Learn how getting evaluated and treated by your doctor can help you get back to feeling like yourself again.

Chasing the pot of gold

Scammers never seem to run out of tricks. They offer fake health cures for arthritis or try to talk you into medical equipment you don’t need. You might get high pressure phone calls urging you to give to a questionable charity or to try to get you to agree to a reverse mortgage or investment scheme. But you don’t have to be anybody’s victim. With the FBI’s extensive list of scams that target seniors, you can empower yourself to recognize and steer clear of con artists.
For tips on managing your money, getting government benefits and services, volunteering in your community, grandparenting and more, visit’s special Senior Citizens’ Resources section.

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