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CDC Learning Connection: What's New For September 2013

Spotlight: Profile of a CDC PERLC

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CDC provides funding for 14 Preparedness and Emergency Response Learning Centers (PERLC) across the US. These training centers support the preparedness and response education needs of state, local and tribal public health authorities within their region.
The Northwest Preparedness and Emergency Response Learning Center (NWPERLC), housed within the Northwest Center for Public Health Practice (NWCPHP), serves a six-state region in the Pacific Northwest. PERLCs use their unique capacity to adapt and tailor preparedness training to meet the needs of the people they serve and the NWCPHP serves as a model. Associate Director, Luann D’Ambrosio, says NWCPHP is committed to “breaking down silos” and sharing information across service areas. This culture of collaboration strengthens the program, trainings, and the preparedness capacity of the public health community that NWCPHP serves.
Visit the Learning Connection to read the story of how one person’s experience during Hurricane Irene inspired NWCPHP to create new trainings around social media use during emergency situations.

Social Media

New Resource Page: Public Health and Healthcare Collaboration

spacerPublic Health and Health Care Integration
Explore ways that public health and health care are collaborating to improve health.  Learn more.

AAMC Launches Public Health Collection in MedEdPORTAL®

MedEdPORTAL is a free, cross-indexed suite of services provided by the Association of American Medical Colleges’ (AAMC) to facilitate the open exchange of peer-reviewed health education teaching and assessment resources. The MedEdPORTAL Public Health Collection was developed to improve the public health content along the continuum of medical education. Through the AAMC-CDC Cooperative Agreement, this collection supports the goals of CDC’s Academic Partnerships to Improve Health by enhancing the teaching of population health concepts.
MedEdPORTAL announces a call for submissions for educational tools and resources to be included in its Public Health Collection.  Items may be submitted in any of the 3 areas listed below.
  • Publications (peer-reviewed curricula),
  • iCollaborative (effective practices and innovations), and
  • CE Directory (continuing education courses),
To explore the collection, learn more about how to contribute a resource, or become a reviewer, visit
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In honor of CDC TRAIN’s second anniversary, we revamped the home pageVisit CDC TRAIN to check out our new look that includes an easy way to find courses that offer continuing education!

Continuing Education

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