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Submit SAMHSA Grant Applications Electronically

Submit SAMHSA Grant Applications Electronically

Required: Electronic Submissions for SAMHSA Grant Applications

Beginning in fiscal year 2013, SAMHSA discretionary grant applications, including new and continuation, must be submitted electronically through Grants.gov. SAMHSA will not accept paper applications except when a waiver of this requirement is approved by SAMHSA.
SAMHSA strongly encourages any organization intending to apply to a SAMHSA program to follow the Grants.gov Organization Registration Checklist [PDF - 357 KB] and to register now. Information on the advance registration necessary to submit applications may be found on Grants.gov.
Individual applicants may request a waiver of electronic submission, for instance, If they do not have the technological means or if their physical location receives poor-quality or intermittent connection to the Internet. More information about a waiver and the process to apply will be forthcoming on the SAMHSA website in November and also in each Funding Announcement.
The Organization Registration Checklist [PDF - 357 KB] provides registration guidance for a company; institution; state, local, or tribal government; or other types of organizations submitting for the first time through Grants.gov. Registration takes approximately 3–5 business days; however, Grants.gov recommends that applicants allow 4 weeks for completion of all steps in the registration process.
Any questions may be directed to the Division of Grant Review, 240-276-1199.

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