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Health Tip: Is Your Child a Biter?: MedlinePlus

Health Tip: Is Your Child a Biter?: MedlinePlus

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Health Tip: Is Your Child a Biter?

These actions may help curb the practice
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By Diana Kohnle
Friday, October 19, 2012 HealthDay Logo
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(HealthDay News) -- Biting is a common behavior in toddlers, who may be easily frustrated.
The Nemours Foundation offers these suggestions to help curb biting among toddlers:
  • First, give attention and comfort to the person who has been bitten.
  • Calmly and firmly address the biter with simple language, such as "no biting" or "biting hurts."
  • Talk to the child about alternatives to biting, such as using words like "stop" or "no."
  • Redirect a frustrated toddler with positive ways to burn off energy, such as by playing a game or dancing to music.
  • Put the child in a timeout; one minute per year of age is a good benchmark.


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