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CDC - Highlights from state and local programs - TB Notes 3, 2010 - TB

TB Notes Newsletter
(PDF - 1.6M)
No. 3, 2010

Background. The Public Health Prevention Service (PHPS) is a 3-year training program that assigns prevention specialists to public health organizations in order to prepare them for leadership positions in health programs. The program provides invaluable learning experiences for the prevention specialists, as well as important assistance for public health programs willing to invest in mentoring. The qualifications for the PHPS include a master’s degree in public health or in a management-related field, strong interest in a leadership and management career in public health, 1 year of public health work experience, and 1 year of on-the-job training at CDC.

The North Carolina TB Control Program (TCP) received a Request for Applications (RFA) e-mail from CDC in November 2008, and despite the lengthy process such applications entail, the program decided it was well worth the effort. The TCP had a critical need for program evaluation assistance and an interest in providing a meaningful experience for the right individual.

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CDC - Highlights from state and local programs - TB Notes 3, 2010 - TB

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