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AHRQ Effective Health Care Program - Provide Comments

Provide Comments
The Program encourages input on its projects. Comments and input may be submitted through several modes, including this Website, letter and e-mail. In this forum, we typically post materials that are ready for public review and comment. Key Questions for proposed research and Draft Reviews have a comment period of 4 weeks. To receive notification that items are available for comment, sign up for the Effective Health Care e-mail list.

Privacy Policy
Updated: May 5, 2009

The AHRQ Effective Health Care Program supports and is committed to the transparency of its review processes. All comments and the report authors’ responses to the comments (the “disposition of comments”) will be publicly posted on this Web site within 3 months after the associated final report is posted. Each comment will be listed with the reviewer’s name and affiliation, if such information is provided. Reviewers are not required to provide their name or affiliation in order to submit suggestions or comments. We will only use your contact information to get in touch with you if we have questions about your submitted comments.

Draft Reviews 2 Reviews
Technical Brief: Fetal Surgery

Technical Brief: Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Extracranial Solid Tumors

Key Questions: 2 Sets
Effectiveness of Recombinant Human Growth Hormone in the Treatment of Cystic Fibrosis

Effectiveness of Screening and Treatment of Subclinical Hypo- or Hyperthyroidism

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AHRQ Effective Health Care Program - Provide Comments

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