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Culturally Competent Outreach Programs Increase Cervical Cancer Screening Among Chinese Women (10/13/2008)
The Chinese Women's Health Project uses two approaches to promote cervical cancer screening among Chinese women—mailing Chinese-language written materials to women, and home visits by bicultural, trilingual outreach workers.
Co-Locating Gynecologic Services Within an HIV Clinic Increases Cervical Cancer Screening Rates, Leading to Identification and Treatment of Many Cancer Cases (04/27/2009)
By "nesting" a weekly gynecologic clinic into their HIV program, Christiana Care reduces barriers to screening and preventive care for female patients.
Family Violence Prevention Program Significantly Improves Ability to Identify and Facilitate Treatment for Patients Affected by Domestic Violence (03/16/2009)
Kaiser Permanente Northern California's Family Violence Prevention Program seeks to improve the identification, prevention, and treatment of domestic violence through a coordinated "systems model" approach, which includes a supportive environment that encourages disclosure of domestic violence to providers, routine screening of high-risk patients, referrals to onsite and community mental health services, and linkages to community resources.
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From High 2 Low: Food, Family & Cholesterol Tool Kit (04/11/2008)
This toolkit provides information about cholesterol and women's health.
Women's Health USA 2007 Databook (05/19/2008)
This databook provides information on a range of indicators that can help track the health behaviors, risk factors, and health care utilization practices of women throughout the United States. It selectively highlights emerging issues and trends in women’s health, using data from a wide variety of Federal and other sources.
Bright Futures for Women's Health and Wellness (BFWHW): Administrator's Handbook, Training, and Implementation of BFWHW Physical Activity and Healthy Eating Guides (04/14/2008)
This handbook provides information on Bright Futures for Women’s Health and Wellness (BFWHW) physical activity and healthy eating materials for patients and providers.
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