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HIV/AIDS Spotlight - Emerging Infectious Diseases journal - CDC

HIV/AIDS Spotlight - Emerging Infectious Diseases journal - CDC


World AIDS Day is on the 1st December each year and is an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV, show their support for people living with HIV and to commemorate people who have died. World AIDS Day was the first global health day, held in 1988.


Outbreak of HIV Infection Linked to Nosocomial Transmission, China, 2016–2017 
Xiaohong Pan et al. (Volume 24, Number 12)Substance Use and Adherence to HIV Preexposure Prophylaxis for Men Who Have Sex with Men1 
Martin Hoenigl et al. (Volume 24, Number 12)Cryptococcus gattii Complex Infections in HIV-Infected Patients, Southeastern United States 
Kaylee T. Bruner et al. (Volume 24, Number 11)Detection and Characterization of Human Pegivirus 2, Vietnam 
Nguyen To Anh et al. (Volume 24, Number 11)Second Human Pegivirus in Hepatitis C Virus–Infected and Hepatitis C Virus/HIV-1–Co-infected Persons Who Inject Drugs, China 
Haiying Wang et al. (Volume 24, Number 5)Chlamydia trachomatis in Cervical Lymph Node of Man with Lymphogranuloma Venereum, Croatia, 20141 
Branimir Gjurašin et al. (Volume 24, Number 4)Influence of Population Immunosuppression and Past Vaccination on Smallpox Reemergence 
C. Raina MacIntyre et al. (Volume 24, Number 4)Characteristics Associated with Negative Interferon-γ Release Assay Results in Culture-Confirmed Tuberculosis Patients, Texas, USA, 2013–2015 
Duc T. Nguyen et al. (Volume 24, Number 3)Podcast Ending the HIV/AIDS Pandemic1 
Robert Walter Eisinger et al. (Volume 24, Number 3) Listen to the podcastEmmonsia helica Infection in HIV-Infected Man, California, USA 
Martin Rofael et al. (Volume 24, Number 1)


Use of Blood Donor Screening to Monitor Prevalence of HIV and Hepatitis B and C Viruses, South Africa 
Marion Vermeulen et al. (Volume 23, Number 9)Attributable Fraction of Influenza Virus Detection to Mild and Severe Respiratory Illnesses in HIV-Infected and HIV-Uninfected Patients, South Africa, 2012–2016 
Stefano Tempia et al. (Volume 23, Number 7)Disseminated Mycobacterium genavense Infection in Patient with Adult-Onset Immunodeficiency 
Takanori Asakura et al. (Volume 23, Number 7)Ebola Virus RNA in Semen from an HIV-Positive Survivor of Ebola 
Lawrence J. Purpura et al. (Volume 23, Number 4)Disseminated Nontuberculous Mycobacteria in HIV-Infected Patients, Oregon, USA, 2007–2012 
Cara D. Varley et al. (Volume 23, Number 3)Two Cases of Neisseria meningitidis Proctitis in HIV-Positive Men Who Have Sex with Men 
José Gutierrez-Fernandez et al. (Volume 23, Number 3)Podcast Delivering on Antimicrobial Resistance Agenda Not Possible without Improving Fungal Diagnostic Capabilities 
David W. Denning et al. (Volume 23, Number 2) Listen to the podcast


Changing Pattern of Chlamydia trachomatis Strains in Lymphogranuloma Venereum Outbreak, France, 2010–2015 
Olivia Peuchant et al. (Volume 22, Number 11)HIV/Hepatitis C Virus Co-infection among Adults Beginning Antiretroviral Therapy, Malawi 
Münevver Demir et al. (Volume 22, Number 11)Cerebral Syphilitic Gumma within 5 Months of Syphilis in HIV-Infected Patient 
Motoyuki Tsuboi et al. (Volume 22, Number 10)Proceedings of First Histoplasmosis in the Americas and the Caribbean Meeting, Paramaribo, Suriname, December 4–6, 2015 
Mathieu Nacher et al. (Volume 22, Number 9)Podcast Treatment Outcomes for Patients with Extensively Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis, KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape Provinces, South Africa 
Charlotte L. Kvasnovsky et al. (Volume 22, Number 9) Listen to the podcastImmunity 
Theodore M. Lee et al. (Volume 22, Number 4)In Memoriam: Sandy Ford (1950–2015) 
Myron G. Schultz et al. (Volume 22, Number 4)Effects of Response to 2014–2015 Ebola Outbreak on Deaths from Malaria, HIV/AIDS, and Tuberculosis, West Africa 
Alyssa S. Parpia et al. (Volume 22, Number 3)Generalized Cowpox Virus Infection in a Patient with HIV, Germany, 2012 
Philipp Fassbender et al. (Volume 22, Number 3)Leveraging Advances in Tuberculosis Diagnosis and Treatment to Address Nontuberculous Mycobacterial Disease 
Ravikiran M. Raju et al. (Volume 22, Number 3)Patient Diagnostic Rate as Indicator of Tuberculosis Case Detection, South Africa 
Mareli M. Claassens et al. (Volume 22, Number 3)Signs or Symptoms of Acute HIV Infection in a Cohort Undergoing Community-Based Screening 
Martin Hoenigl et al. (Volume 22, Number 3)Increase in Sexually Transmitted Infections among Men Who Have Sex with Men, England, 2014 
Hamish Mohammed et al. (Volume 22, Number 1)


Divergent Gemycircularvirus in HIV-Positive Blood, France 
Rathviro Uch et al. (Volume 21, Number 11)Histoplasmosis in HIV-Infected Persons, Yaoundé, Cameroon 
Christine E. Mandengue et al. (Volume 21, Number 11)Functional Immune Reconstitution by Interleukin-2 Adjunctive Therapy for HIV/Mycobacterial Co-infection 
Jan Heyckendorf et al. (Volume 21, Number 9)Pulmonary Complications of HIV 
Sushma Cribbs et al. (Volume 21, Number 7)Seroprevalence for Hepatitis E and Other Viral Hepatitides among Diverse Populations, Malawi 
Taha E. Taha et al. (Volume 21, Number 7)Deaths Associated with Respiratory Syncytial and Influenza Viruses among Persons ≥5 Years of Age in HIV-Prevalent Area, South Africa, 1998–20091 
Cheryl Cohen et al. (Volume 21, Number 4)Human Parvovirus 4 Infection among Mothers and Children in South Africa 
Philippa C. Matthews et al. (Volume 21, Number 4)Increased Risk for Group B Streptococcus Sepsis in Young Infants Exposed to HIV, Soweto, South Africa, 2004–20081 
Clare L. Cutland et al. (Volume 21, Number 4)Moxifloxacin Prophylaxis against MDR TB, New York, New York, USA 
Lisa Trieu et al. (Volume 21, Number 3)


HIV-Associated Disseminated Emmonsiosis, Johannesburg, South Africa 
Wesley G. van Hougenhouck-Tulleken et al. (Volume 20, Number 12)Drug Resistance in Salmonella enterica ser. Typhimurium Bloodstream Infection, Malawi 
Nicholas A. Feasey et al. (Volume 20, Number 11)Pneumocystis jirovecii Pneumonia in Patients with or without AIDS, France 
Antoine Roux et al. (Volume 20, Number 9)Regional Variation in Travel-related Illness acquired in Africa, March 1997–May 2011 
Marc Mendelson et al. (Volume 20, Number 4)Minimal Diversity of Drug-Resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis Strains, South Africa1 
Neel R. Gandhi et al. (Volume 20, Number 3)Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis in High-Risk Groups, Zimbabwe 
John Z. Metcalfe et al. (Volume 20, Number 1)Multisite Validation of Cryptococcal Antigen Lateral Flow Assay and Quantification by Laser Thermal Contrast 
David R. Boulware et al. (Volume 20, Number 1)


Severe Influenza-associated Respiratory Infection in High HIV Prevalence Setting, South Africa, 2009–2011 
Cheryl Cohen et al. (Volume 19, Number 11)Mycobacterium iranicum Infection in HIV-infected Patient, Iran 
Abdolrazagh Hashemi-Shahraki et al. (Volume 19, Number 10)Antibody Responses against Pneumocystis jirovecii in Health Care Workers Over Time 
Serena Fong et al. (Volume 19, Number 10)Primary Multidrug-Resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis in 2 Regions, Eastern Siberia, Russian Federation 
Svetlana Zhdanova et al. (Volume 19, Number 10)Benznidazole Treatment of Chagasic Encephalitis in Pregnant Woman with AIDS 
Margarita Bisio et al. (Volume 19, Number 9)Podcast The New Global Health 
Kevin M. De Cock et al. (Volume 19, Number 8) Listen to the podcastMDR TB Transmission, Singapore 
Cynthia B.E. Chee et al. (Volume 19, Number 7)Rifampin-Resistant Mycobacterium bovis BCG–Induced Disease in HIV-Infected Infant, Vietnam 
Duc Nguyen Hong et al. (Volume 19, Number 7)The Stealth Virus 
Julian W. Tang et al. (Volume 19, Number 7)Iatrogenic Blood-borne Viral Infections in Refugee Children from War and Transition Zones 
Paul N. Goldwater et al. (Volume 19, Number 6)Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Colonization of the Groin and Risk for Clinical Infection among HIV-infected Adults 
Philip J. Peters et al. (Volume 19, Number 4)Lymphogranuloma Venereum in Men Screened for Pharyngeal and Rectal Infection, Germany 
Karin Haar et al. (Volume 19, Number 3)Treatment Outcomes for Extensively Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis and HIV Co-infection 
Max R. O’Donnell et al. (Volume 19, Number 3)Tuberculosis and HIV Co-infection, California, USA, 1993–2008 
John Z. Metcalfe et al. (Volume 19, Number 3)Pneumocystis jirovecii Genotype Associated with Increased Death Rate of HIV-infected Patients with Pneumonia 
Meja Rabodonirina et al. (Volume 19, Number 1)Antiretroviral Therapy–associated Coccidioidal Meningitis 
Ronald Trible et al. (Volume 19, Number 1)


HIV Infection and Geographically Bound Transmission of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis, Argentina 
Viviana Ritacco et al. (Volume 18, Number 11)Low Pathogenic Avian Influenza A (H7N2) Virus Infection in Immunocompromised Adult, New York, USA, 2003 
Belinda Ostrowsky et al. (Volume 18, Number 7)The Origins of AIDS 
Kevin M. De Cock et al. (Volume 18, Number 7)Human Gyrovirus DNA in Human Blood, Italy 
Fabrizio Maggi et al. (Volume 18, Number 6)Hepatitis E Virus Infection in HIV-infected Persons 
Nancy F. Crum-Cianflone et al. (Volume 18, Number 3)High Incidence of Group B Streptococcal Infection in Infants Born to HIV-Infected Mothers 
Tessa Goetghebuer et al. (Volume 18, Number 3)High Prevalence of Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis, Swaziland, 2009–2010 
Elisabeth Sanchez-Padilla et al. (Volume 18, Number 1)Human Herpesvirus 8 Seroprevalence, China 
Na He et al. (Volume 18, Number 1)


Novel Multiplexed HIV/Simian Immunodeficiency Virus Antibody Detection Assay 
Steve Ahuka-Mundeke et al. (Volume 17, Number 12)International Spread of MDR TB from Tugela Ferry, South Africa 
Graham S. Cooke et al. (Volume 17, Number 11)Extensively Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis in Women, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa 
Max R. O’Donnell et al. (Volume 17, Number 10)Group B Streptococcus and HIV Infection in Pregnant Women, Malawi, 2008–2010 
Katherine J. Gray et al. (Volume 17, Number 10)Minority K65R Variants and Early Failure of Antiretroviral Therapy in HIV-1–infected Eritrean Immigrant 
Vineeta Bansal et al. (Volume 17, Number 10)Acute Hepatitis C Outbreak among HIV-infected Men, Madrid, Spain 
Ana Montoya-Ferrer et al. (Volume 17, Number 8)Asymptomatic Primary Merkel Cell Polyomavirus Infection among Adults 
Yanis L. Tolstov et al. (Volume 17, Number 8)Association of Patients’ Geographic Origins with Viral Hepatitis Co-infection Patterns, Spain 
Santiago Pérez Cachafeiro et al. (Volume 17, Number 6)Hepatitis E Virus Seroprevalence and Chronic Infections in Patients with HIV, Switzerland 
Alain Kenfak-Foguena et al. (Volume 17, Number 6)Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 and HIV Infection 
Shireesha Dhanireddy et al. (Volume 17, Number 6)Podcast Reflections on 30 Years of AIDS 
Kevin M. De Cock et al. (Volume 17, Number 6) Listen to the podcastThe only emperor is the emperor of ice-cream 
Polyxeni Potter et al. (Volume 17, Number 6)Bacterial Meningitis and Haemophilus influenzae Type b Conjugate Vaccine, Malawi 
David W. McCormick et al. (Volume 17, Number 4)Increasing Drug Resistance in Extensively Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis, South Africa 
N. Sarita Shah et al. (Volume 17, Number 3)Novel HIV-1 Recombinant Forms in Antenatal Cohort, Montreal, Quebec, Canada 
Mathieu Quesnel-Vallières et al. (Volume 17, Number 2)Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 and HIV Co-infection 
David T. Kuhar et al. (Volume 17, Number 2)Serodiagnosis of Primary Infections with Human Parvovirus 4, Finland 
Anne Lahtinen et al. (Volume 17, Number 1)


Mycobacterium heckeshornense Infection in HIV-infected Patient 
Rabia A. Ahmed et al. (Volume 16, Number 11)Two Clusters of HIV-1 Infection, Rural Idaho, USA, 2008 
Randall J. Nett et al. (Volume 16, Number 11)Podcast Bloodstream Infections among HIV-Infected Outpatients, Southeast Asia 
Jay K. Varma et al. (Volume 16, Number 10) Listen to the podcastEpidemiology of Human Parvovirus 4 Infection in Sub-Saharan Africa 
Colin P. Sharp et al. (Volume 16, Number 10)Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 and HIV Co-infection 
Enrico Barchi et al. (Volume 16, Number 10)KI and WU Polyomaviruses and CD4+ Cell Counts in HIV-1–infected Patients, Italy 
Muhammed Babakir-Mina et al. (Volume 16, Number 9)Influenza A Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 Virus and HIV 
Marta Mora et al. (Volume 16, Number 7)Xenotropic Murine Leukemia Virus–related Gammaretrovirus in Respiratory Tract 
Nicole Fischer et al. (Volume 16, Number 6)Latent Tuberculosis among Persons at Risk for Infection with HIV, Tijuana, Mexico 
Richard S. Garfein et al. (Volume 16, Number 5)Buruli Ulcer Lesions in HIV-Positive Patient 
Kapay Kibadi et al. (Volume 16, Number 4)Denialism: How Irrational Thinking Hinders Scientific Progress, Harms the Planet, and Threatens Our Lives 
Tara C. Smith et al. (Volume 16, Number 4)Extensively Drug-Resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis from Aspirates, Rural South Africa 
Scott K. Heysell et al. (Volume 16, Number 3)Antiphospholipid Syndrome and Acute HIV Infection 
Jaime Solís Díaz et al. (Volume 16, Number 2)Fatal Case of Pneumonia Associated with Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 in HIV-Positive Patient 
Natalie C. Klein et al. (Volume 16, Number 1)


HIV Infection among Illegal Migrants, Italy, 2004–2007 
Maria Chiara Pezzoli et al. (Volume 15, Number 11)Healthcare Worker Occupation and Immune Response to Pneumocystis jirovecii 
Renuka Tipirneni et al. (Volume 15, Number 10)Merkel Cell Polyomavirus DNA in Persons without Merkel Cell Carcinoma 
Ulrike Wieland et al. (Volume 15, Number 9)KI and WU Polyomaviruses in Patients Infected with HIV-1, Italy 
Muhammed Babakir-Mina et al. (Volume 15, Number 8)Emerging Infections in Asia 
Le Hong Phong et al. (Volume 15, Number 7)WU Polyomavirus in Patients Infected with HIV or Hepatitis C Virus, Connecticut, USA, 2007 
Michael A. Miller et al. (Volume 15, Number 7)Increased Risk for Severe Malaria in HIV-1–infected Adults, Zambia 
Victor Chalwe et al. (Volume 15, Number 5)Variations in Leprosy Manifestations among HIV-Positive Patients, Manaus, Brazil 
Carolina Talhari et al. (Volume 15, Number 4)Causes of Death in HIV-infected Persons Who Have Tuberculosis, Thailand 
Kevin P. Cain et al. (Volume 15, Number 2)Effect of Free Treatment and Surveillance on HIV-Infected Persons Who Have Tuberculosis, Taiwan, 1993–2006 
Shu-Hui Tseng et al. (Volume 15, Number 2)Fatal HIV Encephalitis in HIV-Seronegative Patients 
Troy M. Martin et al. (Volume 15, Number 1)Invasive Disease Caused by Nontuberculous Mycobacteria, Tanzania 
John A. Crump et al. (Volume 15, Number 1)Microsporidiosis and Malnutrition in Children with Persistent Diarrhea, Uganda 
Siobhan M. Mor et al. (Volume 15, Number 1)


Hemoplasma Infection in HIV-positive Patient, Brazil 
Andrea Pires dos Santos et al. (Volume 14, Number 12)Preventing and Controlling Emerging and Reemerging Transmissible Diseases in the Homeless 
Sékéné Badiaga et al. (Volume 14, Number 9)We are Legend 
Julian W. Tang et al. (Volume 14, Number 9)AIDS Patient Death Caused by Novel Cryptococcus neoformans × Cgattii Hybrid 
Marjan Bovers et al. (Volume 14, Number 7)Determinants of Cluster Size in Large, Population-Based Molecular Epidemiology Study of Tuberculosis, Northern Malawi 
Judith R. Glynn et al. (Volume 14, Number 7)“As the Dew Is Dried Up by the Morning Sun, So Are Mankind’s Sins at the Sight of Himalaya” 
Polyxeni Potter et al. (Volume 14, Number 6)Syphilis and Hepatitis B Co-infection among HIV-Infected, Sex-Trafficked Women and Girls, Nepal 
Jay G. Silverman et al. (Volume 14, Number 6)Unique Cryptosporidium Population in HIV-Infected Persons, Jamaica 
Wangeci Gatei et al. (Volume 14, Number 5)Epidemiology of Nontuberculous Mycobacteria in Patients without HIV Infection, New York City 
Ethan E. Bodle et al. (Volume 14, Number 3)Implementation and Effectiveness of Antiretroviral Therapy in Greenland 
Nicolai Lohse et al. (Volume 14, Number 1)


Fatal Streptococcus equi subsp. ruminatorum Infection in a Man 
Hélène Marchandin et al. (Volume 13, Number 12)AIDS Vaccine Development: Challenges and Opportunities 
Robert T. Chen et al. (Volume 13, Number 11)Literature Review and Case Histories of Histoplasma capsulatum var. duboisii Infections in HIV-infected Patients 
Pierre Loulergue et al. (Volume 13, Number 11)Exposure to Wild Primates among HIV-infected Persons 
Matthew LeBreton et al. (Volume 13, Number 10)HIV and Tuberculosis in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 1997–2002 
Tran Ngoc Buu et al. (Volume 13, Number 10)HIV, Hepatitis C, and Hepatitis B Infections and Associated Risk Behavior in Injection Drug Users, Kabul, Afghanistan 
Catherine S. Todd et al. (Volume 13, Number 9)Leprosy as Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome in HIV-positive Persons 
Frank Martiniuk et al. (Volume 13, Number 9)Parenteral Transmission of the Novel Human Parvovirus PARV4 
Peter Simmonds et al. (Volume 13, Number 9)Antiretroviral Therapy during Tuberculosis Treatment and Marked Reduction in Death Rate of HIV-Infected Patients, Thailand1 
Somsak Akksilp et al. (Volume 13, Number 7)Tuberculosis Drug Resistance and HIV Infection, the Netherlands 
Catharina Hendrika Haar et al. (Volume 13, Number 5)Cryptosporidium hominis Infection of the Human Respiratory Tract 
Rubén Mercado et al. (Volume 13, Number 3)Amebic Liver Abscess in HIV-infected Patients, Republic of Korea 
Wan Beom Park et al. (Volume 13, Number 3)HIV and Hepatitis C Virus Coinfection, Cameroon 
Christian Laurent et al. (Volume 13, Number 3)Pneumocystis Pneumonia in HIV-positive Adults, Malawi1 
Joep J.G. van Oosterhout et al. (Volume 13, Number 2)Subclinical Plasmodium falciparum Infection and HIV-1 Viral Load 
Kimberly C. Brouwer et al. (Volume 13, Number 2)


Health Consequences of Child Marriage in Africa 
Nawal M. Nour et al. (Volume 12, Number 11)Chimpanzee Adenovirus Antibodies in Humans, Sub-Saharan Africa 
Zhiquan Xiang et al. (Volume 12, Number 10)Shigella sonnei Outbreak among Homosexual Men, London 
Oliver Morgan et al. (Volume 12, Number 9)Antibody Response to Pneumocystis jirovecii 
Kieran R. Daly et al. (Volume 12, Number 8)Changing Pattern of Visceral Leishmaniasis, United Kingdom, 1985-2004 
Aeesha N.J. Malik et al. (Volume 12, Number 8)"Il Faut Cultiver Notre Jardin" 
Polyxeni Potter et al. (Volume 12, Number 6)Antiretroviral Drug Resistance and Routine Therapy, Cameroon 
Christian Laurent et al. (Volume 12, Number 6)Mixed Cryptosporidium Infections and HIV 
Vitaliano Cama et al. (Volume 12, Number 6)Weeds 
Ronald O. Valdiserri et al. (Volume 12, Number 6)Tuberculosis Transmission Attributable to Close Contacts and HIV Status, Malawi 
Amelia C. Crampin et al. (Volume 12, Number 5)Tuberculosis-HIV Co-infection in Kiev City, Ukraine 
Marieke J. van der Werf et al. (Volume 12, Number 5)AIDS in Asia: A Continent in Peril 
Elizabeth Pisani et al. (Volume 12, Number 4)Emerging Pediatric HIV Epidemic Related to Migration 
Douglas W. MacPherson et al. (Volume 12, Number 4)HIV Transmission in Correctional Facility 
Abe Macher et al. (Volume 12, Number 4)HIV-1 CRF07_BC Infections, Injecting Drug Users, Taiwan 
Yi-Ming Arthur Chen et al. (Volume 12, Number 4)Immune Restoration Disease in HIV Patient 
Neil E. Jenkins et al. (Volume 12, Number 4)HIV and Lacaziosis, Brazil 
Marilia B. Xavier et al. (Volume 12, Number 3)HIV Drug-resistant Strains as Epidemiologic Sentinels 
María S. Sánchez et al. (Volume 12, Number 2)


Symposium on HIV Variants and Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Mutants 
Gerald G. Schochetman et al. (Volume 11, Number 10)Divergent HIV and Simian Immunodeficiency Virus Surveillance, Zaire 
Amanda Schaefer et al. (Volume 11, Number 9)Malaria Attributable to the HIV-1 Epidemic, Sub-Saharan Africa 
Eline L. Korenromp et al. (Volume 11, Number 9)Multidrug-resistant Tuberculosis Detection, Latvia 
Girts Skenders et al. (Volume 11, Number 9)Oneness, Complexity, and the Distribution of Disease 
Polyxeni Potter et al. (Volume 11, Number 9)HIV-1 Genetic Diversity in Antenatal Cohort, Canada 
Bertine S. Akouamba et al. (Volume 11, Number 8)Yersinia pseudotuberculosis Septicemia and HIV 
Maria Grazia Paglia et al. (Volume 11, Number 7)Occupational Deaths among Healthcare Workers 
Kent A. Sepkowitz et al. (Volume 11, Number 7)Wildlife Trade and Global Disease Emergence 
William B. Karesh et al. (Volume 11, Number 7)Emerging Infectious Diseases: a 10-Year Perspective from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases 
Anthony S. Fauci et al. (Volume 11, Number 4)Mycotic Brain Abscess Caused by Opportunistic Reptile Pathogen 
Christoph Steininger et al. (Volume 11, Number 2)Hepatitis C Virus Infection, Linxian, China1 
Mingdong Zhang et al. (Volume 11, Number 1)


Cryptosporidium felis and C. meleagridis in Persons with HIV, Portugal 
Olga Matos et al. (Volume 10, Number 12)Commercial Logging and HIV Epidemic, Rural Equatorial Africa 
Christian Laurent et al. (Volume 10, Number 11)Disproportionate Impact of Sexually Transmitted Diseases on Women 
Sevgi O. Aral et al. (Volume 10, Number 11)Gender and Monitoring Response to HIV/AIDS Pandemic1 
Paul DeLay et al. (Volume 10, Number 11)Globalization and Infectious Diseases in Women 
Carol Bellamy et al. (Volume 10, Number 11)HIV, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Tuberculosis, and Malaria: Resurgence and Response1 
Scott Holmberg et al. (Volume 10, Number 11)HIV, Tuberculosis, and Malaria Antimicrobial Resistance1 
J. Todd Weber et al. (Volume 10, Number 11)Impact of HIV on Women in the United States 
Hazel D. Dean et al. (Volume 10, Number 11)Impact of HIV on Women Internationally1 
Lydia Ogden et al. (Volume 10, Number 11)Infectious Diseases and Sexual Coercion1 
Consuelo M. Beck-Sague et al. (Volume 10, Number 11)New Vaccines of Interest to Women1 
Patricia Fast et al. (Volume 10, Number 11)Progress in Preventing Perinatal HIV Transmission in the United States1 
Mary Glenn Fowler et al. (Volume 10, Number 11)Sexual Power and HIV Risk, South Africa 
Audrey E. Pettifor et al. (Volume 10, Number 11)Women and Infectious Diseases 
Julie L. Gerberding et al. (Volume 10, Number 11)Current Epidemiology of Pneumocystis Pneumonia 
Alison Morris et al. (Volume 10, Number 10)Syphilis in the HIV Era 
Sigall Kassutto et al. (Volume 10, Number 8)Hepatitis B Infection, Eastern India 
Kamalesh Sarkar et al. (Volume 10, Number 7)Recombinant Viruses and Early Global HIV-1 Epidemic 
Marcia L. Kalish et al. (Volume 10, Number 7)Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay and Serologic Responses to Pneumocystis jiroveci 
Kieran R. Daly et al. (Volume 10, Number 5)Maternal Malaria and Perinatal HIV Transmission, Western Kenya1,2 
John G. Ayisi et al. (Volume 10, Number 4)Q Fever Endocarditis in HIV-Infected Patient 
Miguel G. Madariaga et al. (Volume 10, Number 3)


Multidrug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis in HIV-Infected Persons, Peru 
Pablo E. Campos et al. (Volume 9, Number 12)Ehrlichia chaffeensis Infections among HIV-infected Patients in Human Monocytic Ehrlichiosis–Endemic Area 
Thomas R. Talbot et al. (Volume 9, Number 9)Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis in HIV-Negative Patients, Buenos Aires, Argentina 
Domingo Palmero et al. (Volume 9, Number 8)Leishmaniasis in Germany 
Gundel Harms et al. (Volume 9, Number 7)


Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis Infection in a Patient with HIV, Germany 
Elvira Richter et al. (Volume 8, Number 7)Mycobacterium tuberculosis: An Emerging Disease of Free-Ranging Wildlife 
Kathleen A. Alexander et al. (Volume 8, Number 6)HIV Prevalence in a Gold Mining Camp in the Amazon Region, Guyana 
Carol J. Palmer et al. (Volume 8, Number 3)Antimicrobial Sensitivity in Enterobacteria from AIDS Patients, Zambia 
James Mwansa et al. (Volume 8, Number 1)Human Infection with Cryptosporidium felis: Case Report and Literature Review 
Simone Cacciò et al. (Volume 8, Number 1)


Trichomonas vaginalis, HIV, and African-Americans 
Frank J. Sorvillo et al. (Volume 7, Number 6)The Serologic Response to Cryptosporidium in HIV-Infected Persons: Implications for Epidemiologic Research 
Joseph N.S. Eisenberg et al. (Volume 7, Number 6)HIV-1 Group O Infection in Cameroon, 1986 to 1998 
Ahidjo Ayouba et al. (Volume 7, Number 3)HIV Postexposure Prophylaxis in the 21st Century 
David K. Henderson et al. (Volume 7, Number 2)


Predominance of HIV-1 Subtype A and D Infections in Uganda 
Dale J. Hu et al. (Volume 6, Number 6)

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