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FoodNet Homepage | CDC

FoodNet Homepage | CDC

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New Data, Search Field in FoodNet Fast

FoodNet Fast is CDC’s interactive online program for getting information on illnesses reported to the Foodborne Diseases Active Surveillance Network (FoodNet). FoodNet Fast makes it easy for you to see how rates of illness have changed over the past 20 years for nine pathogens: CampylobacterCryptosporidiumCyclosporaListeriaSalmonella, Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli (STEC), ShigellaVibrio, and Yersinia.  
CDC has updated FoodNet Fast with preliminary 2017 data. Now, you can get information on illnesses reported to FoodNet from 1996 through 2017. CDC also has added the ability to search by geographic area – in addition to pathogen, year, age group, sex, and race – by selecting one of FoodNet’s 10 sites, which are the states of Connecticut, Georgia, Maryland, Minnesota, New Mexico, Oregon, Tennessee, and selected counties in California, Colorado, and New York. Information may not be available for some sites before 2004.

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