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Education, Health, and Basketball – NLM Musings from the Mezzanine

Education, Health, and Basketball – NLM Musings from the Mezzanine

National Institutes of Health, U.S. National Library of Medicine

02/27/2018 04:00 PM EST

Guest post by David L. Nash, NLM’s Education and Outreach Liaison. A few weeks ago, in observance of African American History Month, five former Harlem Globetrotters spoke at a program in Silver Spring, Maryland associated with a screening of the documentary “The Game Changers: How the Harlem Globetrotters Battled Racism.” Following the short documentary and … Continue reading "Education, Health, and Basketball"
02/27/2018 02:23 PM EST

The NCBI Eukaryotic Genome Annotation Pipeline now includes the prediction of more non-coding RNAs. Starting with software release 8.0, rRNAs, snRNAs and snoRNAs are predicted by searching eukaryotic genomes with HMM models from RFAM. Below is an example of a … Continue reading 
02/27/2018 01:42 PM EST

PubMed subject filter strategies are reviewed each year to determine if modifications are necessary.
02/27/2018 12:27 PM EST

For ease in accessing the orthology data subset, a new gene_orthologs FTP file has been created on the Gene FTP site. The file uses the same format as the gene_group file. As of January 31, 2018, the gene_group FTP file … Continue reading 
02/27/2018 11:00 AM EST

On March 1, 2018, at 2:00 PM ET in the Lister Hill Auditorium at the National Library of Medicine, NLM Director Patricia Brennan, RN, PhD
02/27/2018 08:27 AM EST

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) is pleased to have eleven items from its early manuscript collection included in a new exhibition, Romance and Reason: Islamic Transformations of the Classical Past, which runs February 14, 2018 through May 13, 2018 at New York University’s Institute for the Study of the Ancient World (ISAW

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