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College eNews: Read about Heart Health, Flu, Makeup Care, and more!

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College eNews: Winter Edition
Spring semester is full of hard work, but also fun for students. Make sure students remember their health with these resources from FDA. 
Tips for a Healthy Heart
It’s never too early to start making heart healthy choices. However, it can be challenging for an on-the-go student. Encourage students to give their heart some love with these tips for better heart health.
It's Not Too Late for Students to Get a Flu Shot
There are still good reasons for students to get flu shots. Flu — more formally known as influenza — is a serious viral disease that can lead to hospitalization and even death. Learn preventative steps you and your campus community can take to help prevent the flu.
Makeup Care Tips
Many students use cosmetic products to not only enhance their beauty, but to also minimize winter-related skin issues. Between makeup routines to cold weather woes, help students stay safe while using beauty products.
Spring Break is Approaching
Before you know it, students will be celebrating spring break. Prepare your campus community with these tips to help them make smart decisions while away. 

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