viernes, 23 de febrero de 2018

Cardiovascular Disease Tools for Researchers

For Women

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Women's Health Highlights
Cardiovascular Disease Tools for Researchers
OWH has supported research that has led to better understanding of cardiovascular disease in women. Our Research on Heart Disease in Women webpage includes research summaries and an overview of the three phases of OWH-funded research assessing the effects of drugs on women’s heart health.
Resources for Heart Health
OWH has resources with special tips to help women from diverse communities make good decisions about their heart health. Celebrate American Heart Month, by sharing these resources with your networks to help women be heart smart.
New Blog: Pregnancy Exposure Registries Help Moms-To-Be Share Their Experiences with Medicines
OWH’s Director of Scientific Engagement and Medical Initiatives, Dr. Marjorie Jenkins, collaborated with the March of Dimes on a new blog to encourage moms-to-be to participate in pregnancy exposure registries. 

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