viernes, 9 de febrero de 2018

Cancer Prevention Month

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Education and Action: National Cancer Prevention Month

You can help prevent cancer with screenings, vaccines, and healthy choices! National Cancer Prevention Month, CDC
February is National Cancer Prevention Month, and a great time to take advantage of CDC’s resources and advice on living your healthiest life!
  • Learn about ways to make cancer prevention a reality with our blog series.
  • Follow us on Twitter at @CDC_Cancerfor links to share with friends and loved ones.
Kick off a new healthy start for you and your family by making healthy choices like timely cancer screening as recommended and vaccination, and kicking bad habits like tobacco use for good!

Together, We Put World Cancer Day on the Map!

The Union for International Cancer Control’s World Cancer Day (February 4) was a success! We want to thank everyone who liked, linked, and shared our resources. And we invite you to continue sharing and help raise awareness year-round.
Photo: Members of DCPC's Cancer Surveillance Branch and DCPC Director Dr. Lisa Richardson (seated, wearing red shirt) commemorate World Cancer Day.

Making Strides to Stop Racial Differences in Breast Cancer Deaths

In the United States, black women are about 40% more likely to die of breast cancer than white women. To find out why, CDC funded the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials to help three state health departments identify and address disparities in breast cancer screening rates, the time it takes women to get care after an abnormal test result, and cancer treatment quality. They list four best practices in this blog post.

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