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2018 Million Hearts Hypertension Control Challenge—3 Reasons to Apply

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Since its launch, Million Hearts® has recognized 83 Hypertension Control Champions for their success in attaining a blood pressure control rate of at least 70 percent among their patients with high blood pressure. Now we are excited to announce the 2018 Million Hearts® Hypertension Control Challenge, which will acknowledge health professionals, practices, and systems that show excellence in achieving hypertension control rates of 80 percent or greater over a 12-month period.
The Challenge is open from February 20, 2018, through April 6, 2018
Here are three great reasons to submit your application:

1) You have insights to share.

If you and your team have achieved a high rate of blood pressure control, your insights and efforts are important to share. The Hypertension Control Challenge provides an opportunity to spread the word about these successes. Whether you control blood pressure through smart use of health information technology, innovative communication techniques, or team-based approaches to patient care, we want to hear from you. 

2) You can make a difference!

Peer-to-peer information sharing among Hypertension Control Champions and other high-performing health professionals can help inspire and fuel innovation. Together we can achieve a nationwide blood pressure control rate of 80 percent or better, preventing tens of thousands of cardiac events and saving billions of dollars in medical costs each year.

3) Chances are you already have what you need to submit a application.

We realize you are busy helping your team and patients improve blood pressure control. That’s why we have created an application form that is clear and straightforward. Still undecided? Take a moment to discuss the Hypertension Control Challenge with your team, visit our website for more information, and start your application.
—Janet Wright, MD, FACCExecutive Director, Million Hearts®

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