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You Can Achieve Better Health Today. Tomorrow. For Life.

You Can Achieve Better Health Today. Tomorrow. For Life.

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Maintain Healthy Habits over the Holidays

During the holiday season, it can be tempting to let your healthy eating and physical activity habits lapse. The NIDDK has tips to help you maintain healthy habits through the end of 2017 and into the New Year. Listen to a recent radio spot by NIDDK Director Dr. Griffin Rodgers in support of our holiday message, You Can Achieve Better Health Today. Tomorrow. For Life. 
Health care professionals can also find holiday health tips to share with patients in Dr. Rodgers' guest post for the American Academy of Physician Assistants.

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Take Simple Steps for Better Health Every Day

Incorporating simple physical activities like walking into your daily routine may reduce your risk for developing conditions like obesity, diabetes, and kidney disease. Watch Dr. Rodgers discuss how he stays active and how regular physical activity can be beneficial long-term in a new video from NIH's National Institute on Aging.

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Physical Activity is Key to Maintaining Weight Loss

NIDDK scientist Dr. Kevin Hall and his research team presented an award-winning paper at ObesityWeek 2017. The paper on increased physical activity to maintain weight loss is featured in a special section of the journal Obesity. Watch their animated video to get a brief overview of the results from the paper and read a summary of the project from NIH Research Matters.

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